• Red Hats

    Red Hat Society, a symbol of pride!

    As one of the most inspirational groups of women of all time, the Red Hat Society began when a group of women wholeheartedly decided not to take life too seriously! Like many tales, this story begins and ends with a symbol of life and inspiration. In this case, that symbol is the red fedora. Sue Ellen fell in love with a Jenny Joseph poem entitled “Warning”, which illustrates an elderly woman’s promise to reveal in her old age by revisiting her youth, indulging in sweet treats and spending her daily allowance on satin sandals.

    Among her encouragements, there is a promise to defy the laws of fashion and wear unflattering purple ensembles topped off with a red hat that doesn’t match; just because she can. Sue Ellen loved the poem so much that she began to send copies of it to her girlfriends, not forgetting to include a vintage red hat to complete the gift. And alas! Elegant hats, or fedoras to be exact, quickly became not only a symbol of class but a symbol of opportunity for women.

    Red Women Hats

    With humble thanks to the ladies of the Red Hat Society, women across the world wore the red hat as a symbol of pride, friendship, and support and portrayed a message of encouragement and motivation to women of all different walks of life. The red fedora is one women’s hat that will never go out of fashion, but continue to revel in its legacy for years to come. The Red Hat Society aims to celebrate life at every age by encouraging its fellow members to embrace change, believe in opportunity, accept new challenges, enjoy friendship, explore, discover and live a healthy lifestyle.

    It’s comforting to know that we girls have a great big support system ready and waiting to encourage us to follow our dreams, don’t you think? It’s not every day that international society is born from a splash of that appreciation. Perhaps we should all invest in a classic red fedora to prepare for when we hit the ripe old age of fifty! Now that mixing prints and experimenting with clashing hues is universally accepted in the fashion world, a red hat and a purple ensemble perhaps aren’t as rebellious as Sue Ellen once thought.

    In fact, do it right and you’ll probably gain a few inspirational style points of your own. Of course, if you are still a young’un then its pink hats and lilac hues for you. After all, with an ever-growing support system, the least we can do is try on a bit of the action! As a symbol of the pride and success of women before us, how can we say no to a beautiful pink or red fedora?

  • New Hats

    Want A New Hat ? Just Do It!

    Covering up a bad hair day? Trying to add more flair to your style? Or just feeling that a hat would be the perfect accessory to match your ensemble? Go for it! There are so many styles of headgear out there just waiting to be worn, from handmade hats to made to measure hats, one thing is for sure, you have a lot to choose from and this can be a little overwhelming. Hats are great for any season and you may find some of the most stylish Hollywood stars are a great way to model your look. Debbie Gibson felt hat Maybe you’re looking for a style throwback. The bowler is an awesome way to make any outfit retro and give you a very chic 80′s feel. You may notice Demi Lovato on “X Factor” sporting the very Annie Hall meets Debbie Gibson look.

    Or you could go with the boho chic look Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have made so famous, with a floppy oversized felt hat. These are great for hitting sunny streets and also cover up a bad hair day like nobody’s business.

    Cameron Diaz often rocks the fedora look. It’s a great way to take simple jeans and tee shirt outfit from simple to chic. Gwen Stefani loves to wear the summer straw version.

    Pop Star Rihanna has no trouble picking out a hat to highlight her individuality. She tends to be seen most often in military styles, berets, and even baseball caps. One of the singers top brands is “Boy London”. She was recently seen sporting one of their caps at LAX, complete with their printed logo.

    So now we’ve covered what celebrities love, leaving us with the question, what is the right ladies hat for you? Here are some things to think about when trying to select the ideal hat to match your wardrobe?

    Are you looking to be seen or unseen?
    Hats are a great way to get noticed, but also an incredible way to go incognito. If you’re looking for something that is better suited to hide your face (sans makeup/hairdo), you may want to consider a larger brim, think sunhat or a simple baseball cap.

    Don’t let other’s sway your style.
    What looks and feels right to you is probably the best choice. Don’t let other people’s opinions run your closet. Fashion is subjective after all and lets it be a way to express yourself.

    Keep seasons in mind.
    Always stay comfortable. Clearly wearing a woven hat (as great as it looks) in the middle of summer is a fashion don’t.

    Remember face shape is key.
    When you’re looking for a hat, keep the symmetry of your face in mind.

    Narrow faces are better with hats that aren’t too high and have a fuller look.

    High foreheads are best with larger brims angled toward the face.

    Great with tilted designs.

    You pretty much have your pick. Round shaped faces work well with a variety of hat shapes. Ideally, something taller goes quite well and tends to elongate. Asymmetrical designs are a fantastic fit for faces of this shape as well.

    So whether you’re looking to dress like your favorite celebrity or just want to find the perfect style for your face shape. The key thing to remember is that your hat says a lot about you. Put some thought into what you’re looking say and express, also keeping in mind, comfort, style and the general thread in your wardrobe, which will help you find something that suits you. Let style be your compass and there is no way you will be lead in the wrong direction! Happy hat hunting!

  • Vintage Hats

    Vintage Hats from the Past Style

    All modern hats can’t help but derive from a vintage classic. Although contemporary hat designers have, by vocation, attempted to create a modern spin, it seems that the original template just got it right from the very start. If you’re a hat collector or just beginning a headwear collection, this post will serve as a guide to buying the perfect vintage hat to match your daily style, while creating a new way to wear an old favorite.

    First, we’ll start with where to shop. When searching for vintage classic consignment shops and thrift stores are an excellent jumping off point. If you’re in New York or Los Angeles, you may want to visit popular thrift store chains like Crossroads or Buffalo exchange. These shops buy clothing and accessories (often designer) and resell them for a fraction of their original cost. The buyers have an eye for what sells, what’s trendy and what’s been kept in prime condition. They assess the items and price them accordingly. If you’re in a more remote location, even a Good Will or Salvation army can offer a no frills vintage hat design for next to nothing on the price tag.

    Some things to keep in mind when thrift store hunting. Make sure you assess the quality of the hat and also the durability. How has it stood up over time? If there is minor wear and tear, can it be fixed and how much would it cost to update. Make sure you check the lining carefully, tears to the foundation of the hat can effect the way it sits and the overall look itself.

    If you’re less inclined to visit a store you may want to shop for vintage hats online. This is a bit of a riskier venture, mostly because you can’t examine the quality of the hat first hand and you also are unable to try it on to see if it fits. Make sure you check the online store (or eBay) return policy. Make sure that if there is unannotated damage to the structure that the item is returnable or simply if you are able to exchange if you wind up disliking the way it looks.

    Next, think about and budget having the hat professionally cleaned. When purchasing any “preloved” clothing, let’s face it, it’s karma is dubious. You may be the one wearing it now, but there is no way to tell how many people or what kind of people have worn the hat in the past. The best bet is to call up some local dry cleaners and see if they offer hat cleaning services (many do). There are also several online “hat renovators” if your hat requires more specific intervention. But your best bet is a dry cleaner if you don’t want to go through mailing it out and reviving it back, which can often take a while and can become tedious.

    Now when it comes to keeping your vintage hat in tact there are a few things to remember about storage. Keep your hats away from sunlight and it’s best to wrap them in acid free tissue papers. Sun can add wear to the delicate fabric and since hats already get enough sun rays outside, your best bet is to box them when they’re being stored. Plastic is the worst way to store a vintage hat (or any kind of vintage textile). Make sure that wherever you store the hats you aren’t crushing the structure or the brim, creases are likely impossible to repair and costly if you can find a way.

  • Hat Factor

    Have you got the hat factor?

    It’s that time of year again; the frost is setting in and our favorite winter addition is becoming a cold-weather survival accessory rather than just a fashion statement. Celebs take to the streets in fur, felt, velvet and wool hats in an attempt to keep their earlobes free from icicles, whilst the savvy street-stylers search for the perfect winter warmer to see them well into to the New Year. We have put together a fashionable A-Z of the most stylish knit hats to keep you icicle-free this winter.

    1) The Beanie

    Probably the most easy-breezy option of the lot in terms of accessorizing, the beanie hat is a wardrobe must-have that can transform a simple cold-weather ensemble with minimal effort. You could match the drizzly weather and go for a grey or black beanie that would go with everything, or defy the rain and opt for a bright version that will add a much-needed pop of color to your winter wardrobe. The beanie is a totally wearable winter hat that will suit most face shapes and hairstyles, regardless of your style, and a casual beanie will always look great with a subtle slick of dark lipstick.

    2) Fur trapper hats

    Covered in fur or styled to look like a fluffy animal, fur trapper hats are a favorite among the fashion world for two reasons; they keep your head warmer than a teapot under a tea cozy and they are a great way to add a splash of excitement to your outfit. Opt for neutral colors that you can pair with any outfit or ones with pom-pom detailing for an extra dose of cool. Remember to keep your winter coat fur-free if you’re going for an extravagant trapper hat; too much fur and you’ll look like an Eskimo!

    3) Felt fedoras

    Probably the most stylish winter hat since the cloche hat, the fedora hat was first designed for men in the 19th century and is now worn by fashionable men and women all over the world. Versatile and super easy to wear, use your fedora to accentuate the style of your outfit. Wearing a pretty floral number? No problem, use a fedora to add an extra touch of femininity. Opting for a trouser suit? Use a black or grey fedora hat to add a touch of edge to your masculine ensemble. For winter AW12 stick to deep berry hues or neutral blacks and greys.

    Whatever your style, knit hats and wool hats for winter will keep you toasty and warm whilst adding another dimension to your ensemble. Textured hats like felt and wool look great with blazers and coats, whilst smooth felt fedoras and crisp bowlers will tone down an oversized fur coat. Remember that winter hats are all about comforting hues and textures, so keep the colors warm and you’ll be well on your way to winter chic.

  • Innovative Hats

    How to organize your hats, Innovative hat display

    It’s super easy to do! Just bang in a few nails and voila! Perhaps you even have some old photo hooks already installed and fancy a bit of a makeover? Be sure to measure each hat before you hang it though unless you’re going for a creative overlapped display! Either way, this stylish way to organize your hats isn’t just for visual purposes…imagine how much time you’d save without getting the wardrobe involved!

    Alternatively, for those of us who aren’t blessed with a walk-in wardrobe, it may be time to invest in a classic and durable hat stand. For a classy vibe, go for a black or white wrought iron stand and place it in one corner of your room. For a more edgy interior, try a wooden stand. Organize your woman hats and caps in a pretty display and say goodbye to the days of rummaging in the bottom of your wardrobe!

    Lastly, perhaps you have an old bookshelf in your bedroom that isn’t housing anything other than old holiday books that you’ve never even opened or CDs from ten years ago! Have you ever thought of turning it into a haven for your hats? This sort of display would look great on a shabby chic bookshelf, and the best part? No DIY involved! Simply arrange them in size or color order and you’ll have a celebrity-style hat display in no time.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of shelf it is – if you’ve got them, get creative! Not only would it be a cute display, it would give your stylish caps and hats a permanent address, so accessorizing will never have to be complicated again!

  • Celebrities Hats

    Celebrities Winter Hats

    Unfortunately, coordinating your hats with your clothes is not as simple as matching up colours. Winter arrived and it’s time to choose the sultry colour, wintery texture, and warming fabrics. Follow this easy breezy guide to choosing your hats this season and you’ll be coordinating like a pro in no time!

    1) Go darker

    This season it’s all about the wintery, berry hues of deep purples, sultry reds, Autumnal browns and crisp maroons. Your wardrobe is filled with these warming colours, so when buying this season’s hats go for similar dark hues and try to avoid bright, pastel colours. Use your dark hats to add a splash of colour to your ensembles; Autumnal browns will look great with chunky tan boots and dresses, while a crisp maroon would bring a warming element to your trusty denim jeans.

    2) Add depth

    Remember, hats are an accessory. The purpose of an accessory is to bring an outfit together in perfect harmony; your hats and clothes are put together to complement each other. A great way to add depth to an outfit is to think of your outfit as a painting. If you’re wearing a lot of khaki or earthy tones then go for the warm brown hat to finish it off. Depth is not just achieved through colour coordination, winter is all about texture. A woolly hat is a friendly fire for our ears, especially on those wintery days! Try to keep your outfit lighter if you’re going for a warm woolly knit, as too much texture and you might end up donning a “tea cosy” look. A sleek pair of jeans, suede boots and a chunky knit would compliment a woolly hat perfectly. If you’ve got that one pair of leather boots that you can’t wait to slip on, chances are they are finished in one of those wintry colours that were mentioned above. Leather is sleek and light and would be beautifully complimented by a textured felt or woolly hat. Don’t worry about matching the colour perfectly, leather boots tend to look great with any hue.

    3) Coordinate at least one hat with your winter coat

    We all have at least one winter coat that we rely on for the blistery weather. Whether yours is black, brown, purple of multicoloured – try to buy at least one hat in the same hue. For the classic black coat, you can’t go wrong with black felt fedora. Its felt exterior gives it just enough texture not to be overpowering and paired with a matching coat, you’ll look chic and stylish with minimal effort. For heavy fur coats, you’ll need to have another think about texture; pair a chunky fur coat with a smooth felt hat for the perfect mix of texture.