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Parent Education
Parenting Education – AVANCE helps parents to play an important, proactive role in counteracting risk factors that lead to school underachievement. Through parenting classes, educational toy-making, ESL, and community resource speakers, parents are given the tools they need. Learn More.

Early Childhood Development
Early Childhood Development – In their classes, children learn basic skills (e.g., recognizing letters, sounds, numbers, colors, and shapes) to help them succeed in pre-kindergarten and beyond. The AVANCE child classroom provides instructional routines that are ideal to foster children’s social, cognitive, problem-solving, fine motor and bilingual skills. Learn More.

Family Support Services
Family Support Services – AVANCE staff conduct monthly home visits to assess the progress of each family, and community referrals are provided to address obstacles, as needed. Daily food and transportation are also available to remove barriers to participation. Learn More.