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Celebrities Winter Hats

Unfortunately, coordinating your hats with your clothes is not as simple as matching up colours. Winter arrived and it’s time to choose the sultry colour, wintery texture, and warming fabrics. Follow this easy breezy guide to choosing your hats this season and you’ll be coordinating like a pro in no time!

1) Go darker

This season it’s all about the wintery, berry hues of deep purples, sultry reds, Autumnal browns and crisp maroons. Your wardrobe is filled with these warming colours, so when buying this season’s hats go for similar dark hues and try to avoid bright, pastel colours. Use your dark hats to add a splash of colour to your ensembles; Autumnal browns will look great with chunky tan boots and dresses, while a crisp maroon would bring a warming element to your trusty denim jeans.

2) Add depth

Remember, hats are an accessory. The purpose of an accessory is to bring an outfit together in perfect harmony; your hats and clothes are put together to complement each other. A great way to add depth to an outfit is to think of your outfit as a painting. If you’re wearing a lot of khaki or earthy tones then go for the warm brown hat to finish it off. Depth is not just achieved through colour coordination, winter is all about texture. A woolly hat is a friendly fire for our ears, especially on those wintery days! Try to keep your outfit lighter if you’re going for a warm woolly knit, as too much texture and you might end up donning a “tea cosy” look. A sleek pair of jeans, suede boots and a chunky knit would compliment a woolly hat perfectly. If you’ve got that one pair of leather boots that you can’t wait to slip on, chances are they are finished in one of those wintry colours that were mentioned above. Leather is sleek and light and would be beautifully complimented by a textured felt or woolly hat. Don’t worry about matching the colour perfectly, leather boots tend to look great with any hue.

3) Coordinate at least one hat with your winter coat

We all have at least one winter coat that we rely on for the blistery weather. Whether yours is black, brown, purple of multicoloured – try to buy at least one hat in the same hue. For the classic black coat, you can’t go wrong with black felt fedora. Its felt exterior gives it just enough texture not to be overpowering and paired with a matching coat, you’ll look chic and stylish with minimal effort. For heavy fur coats, you’ll need to have another think about texture; pair a chunky fur coat with a smooth felt hat for the perfect mix of texture.

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