Innovative Hats

How to organize your hats, Innovative hat display

It’s super easy to do! Just bang in a few nails and voila! Perhaps you even have some old photo hooks already installed and fancy a bit of a makeover? Be sure to measure each hat before you hang it though unless you’re going for a creative overlapped display! Either way, this stylish way to organize your hats isn’t just for visual purposes…imagine how much time you’d save without getting the wardrobe involved!

Alternatively, for those of us who aren’t blessed with a walk-in wardrobe, it may be time to invest in a classic and durable hat stand. For a classy vibe, go for a black or white wrought iron stand and place it in one corner of your room. For a more edgy interior, try a wooden stand. Organize your woman hats and caps in a pretty display and say goodbye to the days of rummaging in the bottom of your wardrobe!

Lastly, perhaps you have an old bookshelf in your bedroom that isn’t housing anything other than old holiday books that you’ve never even opened or CDs from ten years ago! Have you ever thought of turning it into a haven for your hats? This sort of display would look great on a shabby chic bookshelf, and the best part? No DIY involved! Simply arrange them in size or color order and you’ll have a celebrity-style hat display in no time.

It doesn’t matter what kind of shelf it is – if you’ve got them, get creative! Not only would it be a cute display, it would give your stylish caps and hats a permanent address, so accessorizing will never have to be complicated again!

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