Red Hats

Red Hat Society, a symbol of pride!

As one of the most inspirational groups of women of all time, the Red Hat Society began when a group of women wholeheartedly decided not to take life too seriously! Like many tales, this story begins and ends with a symbol of life and inspiration. In this case, that symbol is the red fedora. Sue Ellen fell in love with a Jenny Joseph poem entitled “Warning”, which illustrates an elderly woman’s promise to reveal in her old age by revisiting her youth, indulging in sweet treats and spending her daily allowance on satin sandals.

Among her encouragements, there is a promise to defy the laws of fashion and wear unflattering purple ensembles topped off with a red hat that doesn’t match; just because she can. Sue Ellen loved the poem so much that she began to send copies of it to her girlfriends, not forgetting to include a vintage red hat to complete the gift. And alas! Elegant hats, or fedoras to be exact, quickly became not only a symbol of class but a symbol of opportunity for women.

Red Women Hats

With humble thanks to the ladies of the Red Hat Society, women across the world wore the red hat as a symbol of pride, friendship, and support and portrayed a message of encouragement and motivation to women of all different walks of life. The red fedora is one women’s hat that will never go out of fashion, but continue to revel in its legacy for years to come. The Red Hat Society aims to celebrate life at every age by encouraging its fellow members to embrace change, believe in opportunity, accept new challenges, enjoy friendship, explore, discover and live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s comforting to know that we girls have a great big support system ready and waiting to encourage us to follow our dreams, don’t you think? It’s not every day that international society is born from a splash of that appreciation. Perhaps we should all invest in a classic red fedora to prepare for when we hit the ripe old age of fifty! Now that mixing prints and experimenting with clashing hues is universally accepted in the fashion world, a red hat and a purple ensemble perhaps aren’t as rebellious as Sue Ellen once thought.

In fact, do it right and you’ll probably gain a few inspirational style points of your own. Of course, if you are still a young’un then its pink hats and lilac hues for you. After all, with an ever-growing support system, the least we can do is try on a bit of the action! As a symbol of the pride and success of women before us, how can we say no to a beautiful pink or red fedora?

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