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Want A New Hat ? Just Do It!

Covering up a bad hair day? Trying to add more flair to your style? Or just feeling that a hat would be the perfect accessory to match your ensemble? Go for it! There are so many styles of headgear out there just waiting to be worn, from handmade hats to made to measure hats, one thing is for sure, you have a lot to choose from and this can be a little overwhelming. Hats are great for any season and you may find some of the most stylish Hollywood stars are a great way to model your look. Debbie Gibson felt hat Maybe you’re looking for a style throwback. The bowler is an awesome way to make any outfit retro and give you a very chic 80′s feel. You may notice Demi Lovato on “X Factor” sporting the very Annie Hall meets Debbie Gibson look.

Or you could go with the boho chic look Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have made so famous, with a floppy oversized felt hat. These are great for hitting sunny streets and also cover up a bad hair day like nobody’s business.

Cameron Diaz often rocks the fedora look. It’s a great way to take simple jeans and tee shirt outfit from simple to chic. Gwen Stefani loves to wear the summer straw version.

Pop Star Rihanna has no trouble picking out a hat to highlight her individuality. She tends to be seen most often in military styles, berets, and even baseball caps. One of the singers top brands is “Boy London”. She was recently seen sporting one of their caps at LAX, complete with their printed logo.

So now we’ve covered what celebrities love, leaving us with the question, what is the right ladies hat for you? Here are some things to think about when trying to select the ideal hat to match your wardrobe?

Are you looking to be seen or unseen?
Hats are a great way to get noticed, but also an incredible way to go incognito. If you’re looking for something that is better suited to hide your face (sans makeup/hairdo), you may want to consider a larger brim, think sunhat or a simple baseball cap.

Don’t let other’s sway your style.
What looks and feels right to you is probably the best choice. Don’t let other people’s opinions run your closet. Fashion is subjective after all and lets it be a way to express yourself.

Keep seasons in mind.
Always stay comfortable. Clearly wearing a woven hat (as great as it looks) in the middle of summer is a fashion don’t.

Remember face shape is key.
When you’re looking for a hat, keep the symmetry of your face in mind.

Narrow faces are better with hats that aren’t too high and have a fuller look.

High foreheads are best with larger brims angled toward the face.

Great with tilted designs.

You pretty much have your pick. Round shaped faces work well with a variety of hat shapes. Ideally, something taller goes quite well and tends to elongate. Asymmetrical designs are a fantastic fit for faces of this shape as well.

So whether you’re looking to dress like your favorite celebrity or just want to find the perfect style for your face shape. The key thing to remember is that your hat says a lot about you. Put some thought into what you’re looking say and express, also keeping in mind, comfort, style and the general thread in your wardrobe, which will help you find something that suits you. Let style be your compass and there is no way you will be lead in the wrong direction! Happy hat hunting!

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